From Breaking Down To Breaking Through! 💫

I was so “Lost” all my life. I knew, I was a nice person but I wasn’t “cool”. There were times I gave into peer pressure, I am human too. I wanted to impress others to like me.

It’s exhausting. I don’t like being a stranger to myself. So with the help of two very positive, people in my life. I was able to come out of the dark.

All stars are not the same size. The stars all are different. Humans are all different. Stars all shine bright. Humans can shine bright to, if we all stopped ignoring ourselves. Where is your self love? In order to Love another you must Love yourself. With that, you need to forgive yourself for the past. Forgive others for the past. Knowledge yourself with emotions. What they mean and why you feel that emotion. The deeper you go, the more you know about yourself.

Stay Shining

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