To be alone

I was Absolutely terrified to be alone, walk alone. I could drive no problem by myself. After I had my Breakthrough, I have found myself to be more positive. Positive towards myself that is.

Everyday I would allow my own rude thoughts swarm my mind. I had no clue why. I never could understand why I thought so less of myself. Always praise everyone else except myself.

It has been a very long Journey and my Journey will continue on. See your Journey is your life. From the moment you are conceived to the day you die. Life.

Every single person’s Journey is different, sometimes we have the same interests but our pasts could be very different.

Did you know we all have emotions? Hahaha, of course, we all do. So why do we ignore our own emotions. We don’t want to feel the pain or sorrow. Unfortunately we don’t have a choice but to sit in it. Learn from it and think on toward what you can do to help yourself.

My friend said “Just Do It”. It takes a lot of courage to push through fear. Courage is something we all have. You can do it! You can Love yourself and no one can tell you, you can’t.

Stop fearing that beam inside of you that is aching to be seen. Positive thoughts, I Believe In You!

Stay Shining

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