Starting Friday May 13, 2022 I have been playing music basically all day. Sometimes when I sleep. So soothing. I can relate to every song that plays or I remember a memory. I can feel the music.

Have you ever heard of that to “feel the music” not physically but emotionally. Happy, sad, angry, confused. If you pay attention closely music can be so healing.

Me personally, I don’t feel alone. I love music, dancing, singing. It is healing. My new addictions are writing and listening to music. There are so many healthy coping skills that you can do for yourself. It is finding what works best for you. In my opinion.

It could be anything. Playing an instrument, drawing, singing, dancing, walking, gardening, pottery, golf, hockey, soccer. Whatever it is that makes you feel free. For Myself, Music is a huge healing and coping skill. “Music feeds the soul”

Stay Shining

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