One day I was walking back with the kids from their public school. Alexander seen one of his friends. His friends Mom is Nicole. We decided to switch contact information so the boys could have a play date.

It took a long time for me to reach out. Unless she reached out to me. I can’t remember. We had the boys do facetime because of covid. They really enjoyed it. They got into little tiffs but nothing serious.

At this time Nicole’s husband was very sick. So, she was at home caring for her dying husband. I didn’t fully understand at first. As time went on Nicole and I started chatting more. I Don think we had an actual play date until after the Love of her Life passed.

I have heard of love stories but Nicole’s Love story is beyond words that I can describe. If it wasn’t for this Woman and her Love story I wouldn’t have started my Healing Journey.

I wish I could tell her story. It’s intense, Inspiring, Hopeful, Emotional. Oh I could go on with all of the words. Hahaha

I explained to her what my situation was at the time. That was when I was with my Ex Husband, I think. I don’t think we had separated at that time.

Anywho….. Nicole was there to Support me through it all and the Knowledge she has. She Shines so bright when she talks about it, Thankful for this Woman. Her writing is exquisite., You won’t be disappointed.

Stay Shining

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