“Just Do It”!

“Just Do It”! This sounds a lot easier said than done. For Myself at least. I stew on the thought of a task. I obssess over that task in my mind. It is very draining. So tiring.

I never understood what it meant fully to “Just Do It”. Today I awoke and did my usual, light a cigarette, get a glass of water, take my medicine, finish that cup of water because to me that’s important. Let D.O.G outside to pee. Make a coffee, go to the bathroom, then sit down and do basically nothing.

That’s my morning routine on a daily basis. Today, for some reason I just wanted to walk. I didn’t want to be at home. I wanted to go out. So I did. I had so much fear, shaking before I even left the house. I forced myself to walk because I wanted to. I remembered that I am doing want I want to do to better myself. It’s wasn’t going for a walk to the Lcbo or anything. It was just a nice long walk. Probably about 2 to 2 and a half hours.

My destination was no where. I just wanted to feel free and so I did just that. I overcame my fear of leaving my house. It felt so good.

I listened to him, I kept repeating in my mind to myself “Just Do It”. Deep breaths, if I felt anxious at all during my walk. I would hold my purse or figit with a plastic hair tie on my wrist. It did help, instead of squeezing my hands into fists, letting my nails push into my skin.

I hope that what I learned helps you to understand that part of you too. “Just Do It”

Stay Shining

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