Fire works booming outside, music is playing. Fan on, window open. Happy thoughts.

My friend came by today, he is a very, very busy man. Single father, so he does all the tasks a Mom and Dad both would be doing.

He told me he likes to write music. More for a Hobbie now. I would like to hear his music sometime. He has a way of explaining things in a way that anyone could understand. Very complex and so, so Wise. Kind Hearted, it is actually so nice to have a friend who understands me.

This goes for Nicole too. I have never met such a smart, realistic, Kind, also Wise Woman. She has the most amazing love story, a sit at the edge of your seat storie. She has a blog as well which is godsfavoritewidow. Her Story is just so Beautiful. Nicole also understands me.

Three people who are curious about the same things. Knowledge of an individual, different aspects but all come to the same result. How can we help ourselves to be a better us. How to express ourselves in healthy ways. Learning to cope with each and every emotion and thought. There is so much information that needs to be announced to the world.

I still have panic attacks and I still struggle to accept and forgive. I have accepted and forgiven myself. I still have some forgiveness and acceptance to give. All in sweet time.

I have struggled with Addiction. Drinking and drugs to cope with thoughts and emotions. Worst idea ever! If anything it made my mental health decline more than what it already was.

My friend said, Forgiveness is a key part in healing. I believe him very much. Nicole has said the same thing. I believe her very much.

When do we start allowing ourselves to accept who we each are as an individual. We are all too good at comparing ourselves to others. I didn’t notice how much I compared myself until he told me that he is trying to stop comparing himself to others. Other people go through the same feelings.

When you don’t Love yourself, how do you expect to Love others?

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