Knowledge, instead of taking this negatively. I am thinking to have Knowledge of myself. Knowing and learning me. Accepting who I am as a person. Accepting all the emotions that come with me. It’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay for it all. Not matter the feeling. Thats the human in us. We all are our own person but we all shine like the stars. Imperfect but perfect in our own unique way. Breaking through I am telling you.

Just like my friend said the brain is so interesting. He aspires to help people and he has already! Without his knowledge I would never have come as far as I have. Nicole, my other friend has made the biggest impact in my life first off and foremost. A Fine man, an Amazing “man friend”. He showed me what it was like to open my mind. These two people have been more of a positive influence in my life. I Love who they are as a person. They shines so bright and I want to shine bright too. The thought process is all to interesting to me. How it affects our behavior. I am super empathetic and I Love it. I Love me in a positive way. All the imperfect and perfect. 

Love to me isn’t just loving others!

Love is Loving myself first. It isn’t selfish at all to love myself. I am gonna shine so bright that it is hopefully going to help others in the aspect of allowing yourself to feel. Yay! This is me, I Love me. Knowledge is very important, knowledge of yourself. Knowledge of understanding who you are. “I am alone but not lonely”!

Stay Shining

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