Friends? I had no clue what that meant for the longest time. How do you know when someone is your friend? I know who I like as a friend. That includes family. Why? 

Each and every person I have ever interacted with has their own story. This is because of the environment they are raised in. How did I learn this?, is from my friends. How do I know they are my friend?

In my thoughts, they are the ones who taught me that it is okay to be emotional. It is okay to express myself. There are healthy ways to do that. I enjoy writing, expressing gratitude, I love to be honest. I also have the want to help others. How can I help others in this world? Share my knowledge, my thought process and how I accept myself and love myself. You can to, it sounds draining. I understand but Trust when I say you are the only one who can make you happy. You need to be your own best friend, your own lover, focus on you, yourself. Not physically or financially. Those will follow. Focus on those emotions that we reject everyday, that we Disregard, ignore. You will find your passion by learning about yourself as a person.

How I know they are my friends. When a person doesn’t give up on you and continues to listen. When a person asks questions to help you figure out what to do. Friendship is Love, Friendship is Honesty, Friendship is non judgmental. In my eyes you know they are your friend when they help you to reach betterment in yourself. Be who we are as an individual, just like the stars that are perfectly imperfect. You are a star! 

Keep shining

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