We all have our differences, I am not the same as you. You are your own person and so am I. We are so hard on ourselves visually. We tell ourselves we are less than what our worth is. That’s not true! 

I have always believed or thought that everyone was and is judging me. 

Guess what they are.

I am judging those that I think are judging me. Then I believe those negative thoughts because I get stuck on the emotions. It’s all a process. It can be difficult at first to switch your mindset. 

Get rid of those negative people who make you feel or think your not good enough. Stop comparing yourself to other people. We are the same but different and that’s okay. I don’t Ever want to be someone that I don’t know. To be a stranger to yourself. I am sure I read that somewhere. Or maybe it was off of a movie or something….. Anyways, It really helps to acknowledge who you are as a person. Be you! 

Stay Shining

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